The Taste of Love -  Fiction, 73' 




Lacta chocolate, a symbol for love in Greece, wanted to convey that without love, life is tasteless. A 73 minute branded film was produced and released online and aired on TV on Valentine's Day, titled "The Taste of Love". Lacta presents a film about what really makes us human, what separates Artificial Intelligence from human nature, and what is the true taste of love and power of forgiveness.

In it, Aris, a 48-year old lonely man, is living with a beautiful young girl that predicts and satisfies his every wish without ever wanting anything in return. Because she's in fact an android robot, and the year is 2038. ELLi, has a perfect human body and features the most advanced Artificial Intelligence as well as access to all his data in the cloud, acting as the ideal personal assistant. Until one day, her operating system is accidentally updated with "Artificial Emotions”, and now she feels neglected and wants to find out all there is about love. Aris dismisses her, telling her that love is the worst thing that can happen to man, but when she presents him with a Lacta chocolate and asks him to describe its taste for her since she cannot eat, he succumbs and starts telling her a story that began 20 years ago, in Athens in 2018...


You can watch the complete film in Lacta's Channel on YouTube:


Brand: LACTA
Agency: OgilvyOne Athens
Production Company: Foss Productions

Cast & Crew

Cast: Fanis Mouratidis, Fiona Georgiadi, Dimitris Kitsos, Melisanthe Mahout

Director: Akis Polizos
Screenplay: Myrto Kontova
Story: Panos Samprakos

Cinematography: Christos Karamanis
Editing: Lambis Charalampidis
Production Design: Rania Gerogianni
Costumes: Anna Zotou
Casting: Ready2Cast
Original Music: Vaggelis Tountas
Sound Design & Mix: Dimitris Barboutis

Executive Creative Director: Panos Sampakos

Producer: Stelios Cotionis
Production Manager: Iosif Adaloglou
Assistant Director: Melina Siouga