Akis Polizos was born and raised in Giannitsa city in Northern Greece. In 2006 he moved to Athens to study Visual Arts at the Technical University of Athens. A year later he had already become part of the Greek Film industry. Since then he has worked in numerous greek films, TV series, web series and TV commercials as Director, Assistant Director, Production Manager and Visual Effects Specialist. His latest short film "Amendment 10/60" premiered at LA Shorts Festival and continued its successful journey through numerous short film festivals around the world. The film won several awards including "Best Debuting Director" in Drama Film Festival 2013. In 2014 he worked as an Assistant Director and Post Production Manager in one of the biggest Greek film productions "Worlds Apart", a multinational co-production written and directed by Christopher Papakaliatis, starring amongst others Academy Award Winner J.K. Simmons.

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Short Films

Lost & Found (24', 2017)

Swamp (in production)

Amendment 10/60  (22' , Falirohouse Productions, 2013)

The Allibi (7', Observe, 2010)


Feature Films

Worlds Apart as Assistant Director & Post Production Manager (Christopher Papakaliatis / Fiction, 116' 2015)

The Archaeologist as Production Manager (Kimon Tsakiris / Documantary, 90' 2015)

Loufa & Parallagi as Assistant Director & Visual FX Artist (Nikos Perakis / Fiction, 95' 2012)

Once upon a Baby as Assistant Director (Nikos Zapatinas / Fiction, 93' 2011)

Hannibal ante portas as  Visual FX consultant (Elissavet Chronopoulou / Fiction, 104' 2011)

Ippeis tis Pylou as Second Unit Director & Visual FX consultant (Nikos Kalogeropoulos / Fiction, 93' 2011)

Elias from the 16th as Assistant Director (Nikos Zapatinas / Fiction, 90' 2008)



Worlds Apart - Making the movie as Director & Editor (Plus Productions, ALPHA TV 2015)

Four as Visual FX Artist (Christopher Papakaliatis, Opening Credits, MEGA Channel 2009)

Karyotakis as Visual FX Artist (Tasos Psaras, Opening Credits, National TV 2008)

Wild Boys as Visual FX Artist (Christos Nikoleris, 20 episodes, MEGA Channel 2008)

Loufa & Parallagi - TV Series as Assistant Director (Panayiotis Portokalakis, 16 episodes, National TV 2007)



Cyrano de Bregerac as Visual Artist (Yannis Kakleas, Video Projections, Pallas Theater, 2014)

A Clockwork Orange as Visual Artist (Yannis Kakleas, Video Projections, Warehouse Theater, 2013)

Katadikos mou as Visual Artist (George Paloumpis, Video Projections, Diana Theater, 2012)

Red Rock as Matte Painter (Roula Pateraki, National Theater, 2011)



Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya - Web Diaries as Director & Producer. (2012)

The Flatmates - Web Series as Director & Executive Producer (10 Episodes, 2010)